Saturday, September 16, 2006

Getting back in touch

This morning, I was making blueberry muffins and my mind wandered back to college days. I do know why, the recipe I was using was given to me in college by a friend of my mom's. My roommates and I put together a recipe book and most of the time, we cooked dinner together.

I keep in touch, loosely, with Erik (one of those roommates), but kind of lost track of the other, Alex.

I decided that I would track him down...

It was much easier than I thought, because he has published a few academic papers, so a Google search on his name turned up him and somebody in Austin. It was easy to figure out which one was the right one and I sent him an email.

I told him some of the things I had been doing, told him about my MINI, told him about my blog. I stopped, because it began to sound like a personal ad and I'm already taken and not looking.

So, yes, Alex, if you check, this blog entry is about you.


Erik said...

Suddenly I have a craving to find the recipe for "Boh's Spring Shower Chicken".... which leads to recollections of the infamous "chicken, rice, and pyrex incident" :-)

Beau said...

I remember that incident well.

I'll try to find that recipe. I know I still have it someplace.

Inspiration comes at the strangest moments, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the parking Nazi's boot is still in the attic of 2308 Durant.

The lab firewall prevented me from clicking through to the "Erik" link on Beau's blog. It thinks whatever page that links to has "adult/mature content."

Beau said...

I didn't know that the boot went in the attic. Think of the havoc one could wreak if they drilled out the lock and rekeyed it.