Friday, July 07, 2006

Rouge Nation

So while one of my friends is brewing his own beer, I discovered a new eaterie in Issaquah.

Tonight was the bi-monthly Issaquah Art Walk, which we enjoyed after swim practice. While the Art Walk was nice and there were many businesses open supporting the event, it wasn't all that. The art was okay, but what was really nice was all the people in downtown Issaquah. It was nice to see a downtown, after hours, with lots of people. There were three bands - none of which were memorable musically.

After we had enough art, we went to the Issaquah Brew Pub. I thought that this was just a local brew pub, maybe serving some local micro-brews, but I was mistaken. This was one of the Rouge Micro Meeting Halls, dining establishments owned by Rouge Ales. Their list of beers was nicely presented in a notebook with information about the beer. They had several different types of stout. It was one more place where the alcohol list is longer than the food list.

I had their Chipotle Ale, which I really liked. Heather enjoyed the Chocolate Stout, which was really good. They had a dessert which sounded really good, a Chocolate Stout Float. Unfortunately, with a glass of wine from the art walk and the beer with dinner, Chocolate Stout Float was not for me.

They also served Kobe beef burgers and Rouge River Blue Cheese, two things I've heard great accolades, but never had before. I had a Kobe Bacon Cheese burger (no Rouge Blue cheese) and it was very nice. The beef was very flavorful.

I'm really looking forward to going back there. I'm meeting my friend Roger and his wife Gina for lunch on Monday not far from there and I was so tempted to change our lunch spot to the Issaquah Brew Pub, until Heather reminded me that a beer lunch was probably inappropriate.


Erik said...

sounds tasty.
You should also check out McMenamins(sp?), they've got several really good brewpub locations scattered around OR and WA (capitol hill and lower queen anne locations are hte seattle ones I know well, can't offer any ready east-side pointers though...

Anonymous said...

beer lunch is ALWAYS fine with me, Beau :) I know that place well.