Saturday, January 30, 2016

Pizza or Lox for Breakfast?

This morning, I came downstairs and found my daughter eating a slice of last night's pizza - the breakfast of champions. Pizza wasn't the breakfast for me; I was thinking about how to prepare my eggs.

With more time on this weekend morning, I offered to make soft boiled eggs for her, knowing that soft boiled is one of her preferred ways to eat eggs. She said, "No" that she had already eaten pizza.  I remembered some gluten free bread that we had and decided to fry an egg on toast. She still wasn't interested.

As I was getting the eggs from the fridge, I saw a package of lox. This changed it all for me - I was going to poach an egg on toast with lox.  Evidently, it changed it all for my daughter too, "Can you make one for me too?"

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