Sunday, August 19, 2012

Forging Elite Fitness - I am a Crossfitter

I have started CrossFit. At the beginning of July, my wife and I went through Cascade Crossfit's fundamentals course and though it smoked me and I was sore after every session, I wanted to come back for more.  So after a vacation in New York City, I signed up.  And in order to make sure I get to work on time, I attend the 6am session!

I really like CrossFit. The idea of functional fitness really attractive, but the old soldier in me finds it rather motivating.  First thing in the morning, pushing your self with a team of supportive people, that just cannot be beat.

Some Things I Really Like

  1. Every day is different. This won't get boring, but I'll get stronger. The coaches will be able to find a set of muscles and pair it with some exercises that will make it stronger.
  2. I find CrossFit exercises incredibly motivating.  Some of them remind me of the "punishments" my Platoon Sergeant's would meet out on my soldiers when they messed up. Now, I pay someone to tell me to do them. What a great place!
  3. Just because I've lead a fairly sedentary life for the last 12 years, doesn't mean I can't do CrossFit. Every workout can be modified - I can't do hand stand push-ups, but by putting my feet up on a block and pushing vertically, I can work the same muscles with a lesser load.  Someday I'll do handstand pushups, someday.
  4. There is a core of 6 AM'ers who come every day there is a session. When there is a group of people expecting me to be there, it helps cement the commitment.  It's like being part of a team.
  5. With the paleo-ish changes we are making to our diet, I'm eating better with far more vegetables taking the place of empty carbs and with all this exercise, I'm drinking much more water than I usually would.  I've even gone as far as to carry a 1 liter bottle in my messenger bag with me all the time and have even been known to refill it from my water glass at a restaurant.
  6. After going for 5 sessions, I'm already more fit.
A Few Things I Don't Like
  1. I drink less coffee.  I really enjoy the taste of coffee and when I was working from home, I'd easily have 8 shots of espresso in a day.  Now, because I go straight to work from CrossFit, I don't get to enjoy my espresso machine as often.  And when I get to work, I don't drink coffee because I so need to rehydrate with water!
  2. It changes the way I do my morning chores.  I've got to make sure the dishwasher is emptied and Heather's coffee maker is preppedbefore I go to bed, with a lunch made (that I all too often forget) and some clothes selected for work the next day.
  3. I don't see my family as much in the morning.  Being a 6 AM'er, I'm out of the house by 5:35am, CrossFit and then straight to my van pool.
I really enjoy CrossFit and look forward to the next session.  With the kids' swimming starting up next month, I'm going to have to make some tweaks to get it all in, maybe some evening sessions, but none of it is insurmountable.

If you find this kind of stuff motivating, you should check out CrossFit, too.  You can find CrossFit all over or if you're close to Issaquah, check out Cascasde Crossfit. And if you're on DailyMile, you can follow my workouts there too!

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