Sunday, January 02, 2011

We're all geeks, someway

I've been sitting in a Starbucks this morning.  The kids are at swim practice, my smart phone is sitting on my William Gibson novel beside the leather over-stuffed chair in which I lounge.  I've been reading the Wired and Seattle Met issues I've been carrying in my messenger bag.

Between articles, I've been people watching:

  • the other swim families, as they wait for their kids and siblings to finish
  • the people gathering before a hike, boots and gore-tex pants aren't out of place in Washington
  • the women in yoga pants
  • the many people working on laptops, evenly split between apple and pc
  • the groups of teen agers meeting for their morning coffee and chat, which will evolve in 20 years to
  • the people who gather post workout
  • the little girl who stumbled over my feet, as I couldn't pull them in far enough, as she was walking hand in hand with her dad
  • the small baby, asleep in its carseat, but struggling in its dreams against the straps
I also saw two t-shirts that brought a grin to my face, as the owners projected their own level of geekiness.  The first was the older guy wearing the "There no place like" t-shirt.  Another younger guy was wearing a Dr Girlfriend t-shirt, from Cartoon Network's The Venture Brothers.

My wife returns from picking up Kids 1 and 2 from their practice. They bury themselves in their iPhones as I write this post offline, in my moleskine journal.

We all have our own ways of declaring our hipness, geek cred, fitness, familial status and more.  We're all geeks in our own way.

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Unknown said...

Love it. Yep, we are definitely a family of geeks--and I wouldn't have it any other way!