Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pirates versus Ninjas

I'm officially changing my alignment. In the past, I've aligned myself with the pirates in the pirates versus ninja debate. I'm officially putting my support in the Ninja.

When I support the pirates, I'm thinking of the rum drinking, corset wearing Keira Knightly, buried treasure kind of pirates. Maybe a peg-leg, a parrot and a pint o' rum. And some letters that get removed from regularrr speech and a few that be added. And the ability to not conjugate to be. Oh yeah, and traveling in the tropics.

With the recent resurgance of piracy to the seven seas, though primarily of the eastern coast of Africa, I'm not so sure that I can support the general concepts of piratitude any longer.

I don't think Ninja say much, so there won't be any new patterns of speech to take on. You probably won't even notice that I'll start acting more like a Ninja. That's how they do it - so you don't notice.

As long as the Ninja, stay mythical and cool, and the real ones don't involve themselves in terrorism, I'm with the Ninja.

Plus, wearing all black is better than losing an eye.

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Unknown said...

beau, you posted an honest to god way! Love you. Love this argument for ninjas. I am still with the pirates though. hehe.