Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm dehydrated, sore and tired... my vacation day was great

I took a well deserved vacation day yesterday and with the kids on winter break, we went skiing at the Summit at Snoqualmie. Like the rest of the week has been, it was a beautiful day - the sky was blue and the sun was shining.

It might have been a little warm for the snow, as it was pretty crusty and crunchy, but you didn't have to be bundled up all the way. If it gets any warmer, there will be girls in bikinis on skis!

We got a late start, since Alec had swim practice that morning and after he called us a few times, we picked him only 1 hour late. He forgot his cell phone, we couldn't find his sunglasses and I found my sunglasses this morning, on the floor, fallen from my pile of gear.

The kids took lessons again, which was great. Heather and I got some skiing in on our own and then we skied mostly as a family into night. Towards the end, I started realizing that I was about to drift off on the lift, so I sat out the final runs. I was a little dehydrated, though I carried (and drank) water through out the day.

When we got home at about 9:45, just about everyone went straight to bed. I remember pulling the covers up on myself, but that was all. I just went to sleep.

When I woke up this morning, after snoozing my alarm, I still had a dehyrdation headache and my legs were pretty sore, but in a good way. Kids 2 and 3 slept pretty late, though Kid 1 woke up early (he's always been an early riser). After drinking tea most of the day, I was able to get enough water to beat the headache, but there won't be any binge drinking this weekend (like there would have been anyways).

Again, it was a great day skiing and fun time with our family in the outdoors. Its nice that we are taking advantage of the closeness of the ski area and the rest of the outdoors now.

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