Sunday, March 18, 2007

Don't stand between me and my espresso

For too long at least.

Today, my espresso machine passed away. It still makes espresso, but it just throws it out with the grounds. I'm not desperate enough to drink it from there. Yet.

And in actuality, it shouldn't be too long. My wife bought it for me at Williams-Sonoma and they have a lifetime guarantee on the stuff they sell. So, even with out a receipt, I can take it in and they will credit me the last recorded price for the item as I replace it with a new one.

But, while talking to the store manager on the phone, the manager suggested that it had been recalled. Sure enough, it had been. For risk of fire, no less.

So, what strange fortune. Who knows what risk we were taking by my drinking espresso several times a day.

Tomorrow, when they the company comes back to work, I'll be calling them. I've got to figure out how this recall thing will be working and I'll be wanting my espresso tomorrow!

Note: I apologize for my lengthy absence. I've been sucked into work for the last 7 weeks and have only now begun to pull myself out of that black hole. My project is coming to an end and doesn't need as much babysitting. Thank you to all you have kept coming here in my absence and I'm back on the posting path!


Anonymous said...

Don't stand between me and your espresso either. I mean my espresso. Well I want your espresso too. I want any and all espresso. Espresso me now. :P

Beau said...

You keep your hands off my espresso!

Williams-Sonoma is shipping my replacement machine direct from the manufacturer. It is going to take two weeks!

I'll probably be conducting a survey of local cafes. Or curling into a ball.

Erik said...

dude, two weeks? This is why everybody needs a backup plan - I keep an old-fashioned Italian stovetop espresso pot (handed down from my grandmother - how's that for durability?) on hand for just such contingencies. And it might have come in handy during all the power outages you've had this winter...

Beau said...

Erik - I've got one of those moka pots but I can't make it right. The stuff that comes out is a burnt tasting brown liquid, not espresso!

My backup plan has involved substituting espresso for a recently discovered Noah's bagels shop.