Friday, December 30, 2005

On the Battlefront

My son just bought Star Wars BattleFront with some of his Christmas money. I guess since they are on BattleFront II, the price was pretty low.
He is still on Christmas break and basically played it all day long. After I have gotten home and finished dinner and the dishes, we have been taking turns playing.
I have forgotten how much fun a good video game is to play. Every night since he has gotten it, time has flown by and I have had to make a concerted effort to ensure I go to bed in time to be able to get up for work (the kids are on vacation, but alas not me).
I really like the game - the game play seems realistic, tactics seem to work and the interface is pretty nice.
It also seems like a good way to spend time with my son, playing games together! Talk about quality father-son time!

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Anonymous said...

it's an xbox 360 and play it with him! You can download old skool arcade games like Joust, Smash TV, etc. Just putting in a plug :)